The majority of our active members share an accommodation in a rented real estate called Farkaslak (can be translated in English as “Wolfden”) on 4-6 Luther Street in District 8. Having a place to live together creates a unique atmosphere that makes our members who might have some concerns enjoying the life in Budapest to move in the dormitory. Moving in is not compulsory for our members, however those who don’t live in Farkaslak spends a lot of time at here which is the base for the social activities of our community.

Why is Farkaslak such a special place?

First of all, it has a very good location. Both the Keleti Pályaudvar and Blaha Lujza tér are just 10 minutes walk. The easiest way to get to the university is taking metro line M4 at II. János Pál papa tér. Actually, the travel time can only be 15 minutes door-to-door. If you want to get somewhere else several buses, metro and tram line are available in a few minutes walk. Those who want to get some cultural experience just have to go to the opposite side of the road where the Erkel Theatre can be found.

Our members love the place because it mixes the benefits of renting an apartment and living in a college dormitory. We are in a lucky position that we can make the rules on our own so the rooms may be personalized, we may have visitors and the member can decide with whom they want to share a room. However, if something malfunctions like the washing machine or the electric water heater then we have to contact specialist.

However, all these chores are not burden at all because you live together with people who share common interests and chose to be the member of the community. You can always find somebody if you look for a work-out buddy, want to play some board games or having a deep conversation after a party.

Farkaslak provides venue for several events throughout the year such as the monthly general assembly, darts and table football championships, karaoke parties, movie nights or some cooking together. Due to these our members are never bored and these events are bringing the community together. One of the most important aspect of living together that we know each other and we know who to turn to if you need some help. For instance, needing some place in the fridge or some help in studying or just someone’s shoulder to cry on. These are just some examples you definitely find somebody to help you.