April 25.-26. 2016., the College has organised again our traditional spring conference. The topic was self-reliance, with the goal of providing a professional and practical picture for those interested about the importance of this area. It was important for us to examine the situation in Hungarian and international relations, and to wake the attention of the general public on this topic.

Program of the conference:

25.04.2016., Monday:
Dr. Júlia Király – Opening lecture 
Sándor Vízkeleti – The thought process and risk management of  fund managers and investors in the area of self-reliance
Dr. Judit Zolnay – Life insurances in international relation

26.04.2016., Tuesday:
Dr. Erzsébet Kovács – Pension systems and aging societies
Dr. Marianna Lukács – Opportunities in voluntary health- and pension funds