Between 16.-18. April 2018, the College has organised again the almost traditional spring conference. With this conference, we examined some successful Hungarian enterprises, with the goal of an indepth examination of a topic which enjoys a great interest in the professional media, and also to get a concrete image of the Hungarian situation of enterpreneurship. We were curious about how the enterprises founded by the lecturers developed and what is their story. 

The program of the conference:
  • 16. April (Library)
    17:20 – Zoltán Kaprinay – Bónusz Brigád
  • 17. April (Library)
    17:20 – Ádám Susánszky – Zing Burger
    19:10 – Nóra Szeles – Tőkeportál & Misik Tamás – Sbrick: Crowdfunding
  • 18. April (E3001)
    19:10 – György Szilágyi – Tresorit