Why is it beneficial to be part of a College for Advanced Studies?

It’s an amazing experience which shouldn’t be missed because it’s a one-time only chance. A College for Advanced Studies is colourful enough for you to find those chances of self-improvement which you’ve always wanted: those which interest you and those which are useful to you. Meanwhile, the memories you gather on the way make sure you are forever connected to the people you meet in our College.


How are you different from the other similar colleges?

If you’ve already looked around, you must’ve felt that every student society gives off a different vibe. But that’s not the only thing in which we are different. When looking at colleges similar to Heller, only we have an office at Corvinus (nicknamed F22) which serves as a significant meeting place as well as an internet access point. Other than that, we reside in the heart of Budapest as subtenants (our residency being nicknamed „Farkaslak” or „Wolves’ Den”); as such, we have a greater degree of freedom than university dormitories or colleges do. We are few in number, that’s what guarantees our solidary and helpful community.


What does it mean that our College is finance-oriented?

First of all, you are going to have a financial-themed course in your second year which is going to give you a deeper financial knowledge than what is taught at university included in the curriculum of the subject Basics of Finance. In addition, as roughly half of our members study Finance and Accounting at Corvinus, you are going to encounter quite a lot of discourses about finance, there are plenty of financial themed courses for you to pick from as well if you’re interested. But don’t worry if finance is not your cup of tea as the other half of our members come from other Bachelors: Marketing, Management, Applied Economics etc., that’s why one can easily organise and find courses which are disjoint from finance.


How much time do I need to invest in Heller?

As much as you wish to. After gaining entry to Heller, two courses and two camps per semester plus a monthly assembly are compulsory, but believe us, you’re not going to feel as if they were pressured on you. Moreover, you’re going to be spending a lot more time with us voluntarily after some time. You’re going to be surfing the net and chatting in our Office (F22), and here’s where you’re going to find company for lunch as well; in the evening, you’re going to be partying, drinking beer or studying for your next test in the „Farkaslak”.




Do you even organise parties as members of this College?

What kind of question is this, of course we do! Come party with us or visit one of our camps if you want to get convinced. We are university students just like the others, the only difference is that we are not fully content with the „mass education” given to us at the university.


When can I meet you guys other than on courses?

Have a look at our mid-year courses and programmes on our website, there you can find all the programmes being organised! 😉


What are these additional „requirements”?

These are the minimal expectations which we expect our members to achieve. In case of failing one of these requirements, you have to face our assembly and explain to us why you couldn’t succeed; as such, there is also a chance of being expelled from Heller. Still, you don’t have to worry that much as we help you complete these requirements and we try to create accomplishable tasks anyways.


What kind of courses are there in Heller?

All types of courses, basically. If you can find two more persons who are interested in that very topic and if you can manage the task of organising the course then it’s almost guaranteed that you can enrol on a course in any topic. Game theory, M&A, psychology, graphology, wine tasting course, you name it!


When can one apply to Heller?

Our application period is always in spring, foreseeably in March or April. Visit our webpage at that time for further information or keep your eyes open at Corvinus, you’re not going to miss it!


What is F22?

That’s the abbreviation of our office’s name in the main building. It is the place where our members work on College issues accompanied by an excellent atmosphere.


What’s this stuff on your T-Shirt?

It’s the logo of Heller: yellow crescent with a blue background. If you see this on somebody’s shirt/T-Shirt then you’re lucky as you’re free to talk to them about Heller if you’re curious.


What is this so-called „Farkaslak” („Wolves’ Den”)?

It’s the name of our residence. Here’s where most of our membership lives and this is where we organise you seminars as well as most of the communal get-togethers.


Where is your residence exactly?

It can be found under Luther Street 4-6, it’s close to the university as well as the metro, tram and buses.


Do I have to move in as a member of Heller?

No, it’s not compulsory by any means. As such, if you own a flat or are from Budapest, you can still be a full-fledged member of Heller.


How many people live in there, why should one choose to live with you?

About half of our members live together. We advise all our members to live with us as this is how you can really stay „in circulation”, it’s the best way of getting information first-hand. Other than that, if you want to have a chat or party, or if you simply need help with studying, you can always find somebody who you can count on.